Starlane Stealth GPS 3X Lap Timer With Track Mapping

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The STEALTH GPS-3X allows data to be downloaded directly to a USB pendrive; with this solution you can enjoy it without bringing your computer to the track. Digirace-MMX software will automatically recognize your USB pendrive and the new sessions to be downloaded. Another feature making the Stealth GPS-3X unique is its ability to be connected to the optional CAN BUS expansion module which allows the unit to acquire data from external sensors (i.e. throttle, gear, RPM, etc.) , making your lap timer a data acquisition system. The optional RID expansion module (sold separately) is available in three different versions and many RID modules can be connected in line on Stealth GPS-3X CAN BUS increasing the available inputs (some inputs as for e.g. RPM, TPS and wheel speed, can be accessed directly from the original sensors available from the factory on the most common motorcycle models) .If you don't want to use your computer or press buttons while on the track, the SAFD-2 features (Starlane Automatic Finish line Detection) will automatically split the track after the first two laps run, allowing you to see your lap times and intermediates from the very first session without any action on the lap timer. With the new S.E.P.L.A. (Starlane Enhanced Precision Lap timing Algorithm) feature: a new lap timing algorithm allowing very high lap timing precision even in conditions when there is no good data from the official GPS signal.GPS RECEIVER AND ANTENNA BUILT IN THE INSTRUMENT: The Stealth shock-proof ABS body accommodates the 10 Hertz GPS receiver and the related antenna. This solution can make it very handy and simple, not requiring the installation of any additional parts on the vehicle.YOU CAN SAY GOOD-BYE TO ALL IMPRACTICAL INFRARED TRANSMITTERS ARRANGED ALONG THE PIT WALL: The use of the GPS system intended to detect the lap time will make STEALTH GPS-3X completely autonomous, requiring no beacon transmitters, such as the infrared ones used by old-generation systems. Everything is getting much simpler; it is no longer necessary to arrange the transmitter and to recharge the battery, which is extremely annoying and impractical, with the risk of forgetting it on the wall or having it stolen.MANAGEMENT OF THE FINISH LINE AND 3 SPLITS: Just press one key to set up the coordinates of 4 finish lines (main finish line +3 optional intermediates or splits) during the first lap. Whenever you cross a finish line or a split, the STEALTH GPS-3X will indicate the relative drive-through time and store its value. You can therefore quickly evaluate your own performance even if you are driving along a part of the track far from the main straight stretch, which would be expensive and impractical if you used any other type of lap timer.INDICATION OF THE ACHIEVABLE IDEAL TIME: By managing splits, the STEALTH GPS-3X can calculate the time a rider can ideally achieve f

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I thought it would be bad quality, because it costs just 449.99 . But I surprised, because amazingly it's very good product, maybe best Starlane Stealth GPS 3X Lap Timer With Track Mapping!