Shiitake Log Spawn Plugs (100)

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Be the first to have the new phenomenon in vegetable growing: mushrooms cultivated in stumps or logs from your own yard! We are delighted to introduce wood-grown Shiitake mushrooms that are easy to plant and almost effortless to maintain! If you have a power drill, you can plant these wooden plugs. (If you don't, ask your neighbors. They will be intrigued by the process and eager to help, especially if promised a gift of fresh-grown mushrooms!) Here's what you do: 1. Select a fresh-cut (within 6 weeks) stump or log. Deciduous hardwoods such as maple, oak, sweetgum, and poplar work best. Conifers do NOT work.2. Gather your Shiitake plugs, the drill with 5/16-inch bit, melted soy wax, and a hammer. (We offer a kit containing the drill bit, a collar to stop the drill from going too far into the log, the soy wax, and a little paintbrush to apply it -- see Log Plugging Kit.) Make sure the stump or log is fairly clean, though lichen or moss is fine.3. Drill 1 1/4-inches into the log, spacing

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