Screw Slot Files - Screw File Pair, #5, .032

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Making screw slots is a delicate operation and only the finest, most precise files will do. These are the ones! Six sizes and two styles let you cut even the super-thin European slots. Doing the job right takes both a Joint File that cuts only on the edges and won't widen the slot as it deepens, and an Equalling File to clean up the slot sides and square the bottom. Available in matched, same-size pairs, 1 Joint and 1 Equalling. Plus, there's the Master Screw Slot Set with all twelve files to cover any slotting job. Individual files also available. NOTE: These files are very thin and easily bent or broken. Sorry, cannot guarantee. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 5-5/8'''' (14.3cm) long. Both Joint and Equalling Files of the same No. are the same thickness. Shipping weight 1/4 lb.

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I switched to Brownells because I buy quality things. I will never go to any other again. Best files I have ever owned!!!!