Rain Wizard Urn (Sandstone)

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Rain Wizard Urn (Sandstone) description from Park Seed

Some might call this a planter that happens to store water, others a rain-saver that happens to have a planter on top. Either way you look at it, you are getting an incredible value! This top-of-the-line product has everything you could want in a rain barrel:a huge capacity (65 gallons) , a stylish appearance, a convenient brass spigot, a wide planter top, and an ingenious overflow design! Attach this Rain Wizard Urn to your downspout and let the water flow through the plastic mesh screen and collect in the 90-gallon barrel. The screen will filter out all plant debris and even keep out insects: no mosquitoes spawning here! After you have collected a good rain or two, use the brass spigot to release your water right where you want it. Fill a bucket or send water through a hose to pour it right on your plants. You can also connect other Rain Wizard barrels to this one for increased storage. And when the barrel gets full, it has an overflow channel specifically designed to divert the wa

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Is it just 149.95 for gifts for gardeners? You have to get one! This Rain Wizard Urn (Sandstone) is just amazing.