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Lightweight and simple, the Astro (TM) series offers a plush 3" thickness, with baffles in the best direction for comfort, and a raised baffle at the head end to supplement your pillow. Our Astro (TM) series pads are built to bring maximum comfort to adventures like backpacking, where weight and packed size are critical. These pads have a generous 2.5" thickness, durable polyester fabric and a raised portion at the head end to supplement your pillow. The baffles in the Astro (TM) series run across the pad, perpendicular to your arms and legs, making their contours barely noticeable. Astro (TM) pads include a stuff sack, compression strap, and repair patches. Check out the PIllowtop (TM) accessory to convert your Astro (TM) into a luxurious camping pad. 20'x72' 1lb, 4 oz The large Pillow baffle (TM) at the head end of the pad ensures that your pillow doesn't slide off in the middle of the night, and gives a couple extra inches of height for supreme sleeping comfort. Unlike typical vertical baffles, lateral baffles prevent the sides of the sleeping pad from curving around your body.

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I am very happy with my buy, this product are of excellent quality and good ready-made . Very thanks.