Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kit 25ft

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Water is life. It is a precious resource that we can't afford to go around spilling willy-nilly. Be precise with your watering with this Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kit. Keep your plants thriving using up to 50% less water, saving you money and taking it easier on the environment. Use the Micro-Spray Beginner's Kit to water up to 150 sq. ft. of landscapes, gardens, shrubs, trees and more. Use the hose fitting to attach 1/2 inch poly tubing to any outdoor water faucet. Run the tubing through your landscape to the 2 stake assemblies. Each stake assemblies comes complete with 10 GPH flow controller, 13 inch green stake, on/off valve to adjust spray distance, a vinyl locking collar, and a full large-circle spinner, giving it a 10 foot to 12 foot diameter spray pattern. The kit also includes 6 additional spray patterns with the 2 different 3-in-1 micro sprays. This Beginner's Kit can be expanded by adding up to 250 feet more of the 1/2 inch poly tubing and 30 stake assemblies. Th

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I thought it would be bad quality, because it costs just 24.95 . But I surprised, because amazingly it's very good product, maybe best Micro Sprinkler Beginner's Kit 25ft!