Metzeler Lasertec Rear Tire - 130/70-18H

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The newest materials and compound technology combined with a classic tread pattern to enhance the performance of your bike.Compound with high Silica developed for outstanding grip both in dry and in wet enhancing riding performance."Sport Touring" carcass design with lighter, more resistant polyester fiber giving higher comfort and improving handling."Classic" tread pattern design ensuring effective water dispersal for safe wet riding and wear regularity with long-lasting mileage.Technical Data:Multiple radius contour: Engineering technology for contour design dedicated to high performance riding. The contour curvature is differentiated between crown and shoulder area, in order to provide most intuitive and effective handling and grip characteristics. The crown and shoulder areas feature a sharper radius for faster and more precise handling (crown) and safer stability limit feedback (shoulder) . A wider radius characterizes the side area, ensuring a larger contact patch for cornering stability.Metzeler Belt System: "Metzeler Belt System" is the patented technology by Metzeler for the diagonal belt on cross-ply tires. This modular-like construction technology really allows tuning each single size to the specific needs of the bikes for superior stability. This means that weight and performance of the tires are specifically developed for the more traditionally styled yet powerful bikes, enhancing their dynamic performance.

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The Metzeler Lasertec Rear Tire - 130/70-18H was a gift for teenage son. He always wanted tire. It is his favorite color. He loves it. It shipped as expected and works well.