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With a simple and easy to use design, the Kuvings Juice Extractor allows you to bring a healthy edge to you busy daily lifestyle in a matter of minutes. At an average of 1/2 the power usage and 3-5x the strength, it features an energy saving 350W motor capable of 11,000 rpm processing speed. Most juicers will give you only a small percentage of juice from the fruit/vegetables; however, our powerful motor will give you the maximum fruit/vegetable to juice ratio possible. So with only a bag of apples, you will have enough juice to supply a small gathering. Not only will this machine save you time with its amazing speed, but money as well with its eco friendly green engine and ability to give you more juice with each fruit or vegetable. Having a party? Our juicer is capable of 30-50 cups of continuous juicing without cleaning, all the while giving you the purest taste and nutrient filled beverage. It is able to grind fruit with whole seeds and skin without stopping and can also easily be broken down in seconds for quick cleaning and reassembled just as easy. A durable cleaning brush is included to get the tough spots with ease.

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Kuvings Juice Extractor is just awesome. For 92.18, it's unrivalled juicers & mixers.