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Food-induced allergic reactions can cause a spectrum of symptoms ranging from gastroenteritis, eczema, urticaria, and anaphylaxis to allergic rhinitis, asthma, and contact dermatitis. In this volume, leading international scientists and clinicians review what is currently known about the etiology, pathophysiology, and symptomatology of food allergy and examine various methods for preventing its development.As background to the study of food allergy, the contributors review the factors that cause early atopic disease and describe how hypersensitivity reactions develop in newborn infants and how immune complexes are formed. This is followed by a detailed explanation of the biochemistry of food allergens, with special emphasis on the development of antigens in cow's milk and hen's egg allergy.In-depth discussions of the problems posed by the use of cow's milk formulas in infancy include a study of the relationship between milk allergy and sleeplessness and a review of practical techn

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