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The Cure for the common "Hot-Spot." How do you improve on the "Ultimate Street Helmet", the RX-Q, arguably the most innovative street helmet ever produced'Simple; you make it fit more people! While outwardly nearly identical to the RX-Q, on which it is based, the Signet-Q interior is a world apart. In simple terms, the Signet-Q is an elongated version of the RX-Q, adding 5 mm front to back, providing the room necessary for a truly Long-Oval (L/O) interior.This Long-Oval shape can trace its roots directly to the legendary Signet series, the namesake of this model. The "Q" designation signifies the innovations and benefits proven so successful on the RX-Q.SAI Max-Vision Brow Vent Shield: SAI Max-Vision "Brow Vent" shield, combines the enhanced field of view of the SAI eye port (with 5 mm more peripheral view at each side) , with a full eye port cavity to accept the Pinlock 100% Max-Vision lens for larger anti-fog field of view.Long Oval Shell Shape: The elongated shell and interior liner, front to back, give the new Signet-Q the ability to end forehead pressure and hot spots for riders whose heads are significantly longer front to back and narrower side to side. For head shapes that are longer, but still have a bit of width, the Signet-Q interior head liners has 5 mm peel-away pads on both sides to allow the rider to micro-fit themselves without the need to change size or purchase optional comfort liners. The Signet-Q is the result of Arai's long history of understanding the complexity of the relationship between head size and head shape, combined with the "melting pot" effect, which is most pronounced in the North American Markets.Advanced Ventilation: Advanced ventilation combines more efficiency with even less interior noise. Arai's ability to further refine proven designs to increase helmet performance proves that you don't have to reinvent the wheel to make substantial improvements. The vents have been refined to be extremely efficient, flowing huge volumes of air through the interior to improve ventilation at road speeds. Not a lot of vent holes - just the right ones, in the right size, in the right place.Micro-Fit Headliner: The added benefit of 5 mm peel-away temple pads adds another level of customization, giving the helmet interior a little extra width when needed. Enhanced customer benefits of customizable, micro-fitment interior, without the need to purchase extra interior components, underscores Arai's commitment to providing Arai customers with more.Lower Center Gravity: A uniquely-designed lower Hyper-Ridge circles the shell bottom to improve strength and aerodynamics. Its design lowers the center-of-gravity for an exceptionally light feeling on your head, and provides a larger bottom opening for easier on-off without enlarging the helmet.Removable Ne

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For 679.99, it is very cheap product. If i'll need another helmet, i'll definitely buy this again!